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Africa’s Minerals

“Africa is the world’s top producer of numerous mineral commodities and has the world’s greatest resources of many more, but most of Africa still lacks systematic geological mapping which could bring to light a much greater resource base. Unfortunately, most of Africa’s minerals are exported as ores, concentrates or metals, without significant value addition. There is thus a large potential for mineral beneficiation. Africa also has significant known resources of fossil fuels (oil, gas, and coal) and has large biomass and bio-fuels potential (ethanol, bio-diesel), especially in the tropics.


In addition, it has massive hydro-electric potential (e.g. Inga 45GW, Congo River 200GW) and largely un-assessed geothermal potential along the Great African Rift Valley.” The Africa Mining Vision shared vision for transparent, equitable and optimal exploitation of mineral resources to underpin broad-based sustainable growth and socio-economic development will comprise:


MADI is one of a 16-member Consortium that will be involved in the implementation of the AfricaMaVal project. The 7.85 million Euro Project will be coordinated by BRGM the French Geological Survey

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Chairman’s Vision

MADI is a unique African Think Tank and a Social Enterprise that prides itself in the independence of thought in its work.

Its uniqueness is premised on the fact that it is “the” only African owned, African led, international organization whose primary goal is to find well researched and home grown African solutions to the numerous challenges (both African and non-African, man-made and natural in nature) that have characterized the African Minerals Sector for centuries, the challenges and bottlenecks that have hindered Africa from optimally benefiting from her vast natural resource endowments.

Dr. Frank Dixon Mugyenyi

Board Chairman, Minerals Africa Development Institution (MADI) 



Madi Became Affiliate Of Aetrade Market Place (Sokokuu Africa)

eTrade Marketplace (Sokokuu Africa) is a flagship product of the AeTrade Group. This product is a compressive continental ecommerce platform provider for African entrepreneurs in partnership with the African Union Commission. 

E-commerce offers Africa new opportunities for trade and overall economic development, including reduced transaction costs, shorter customs clearance times, better supply chain management, enhanced productivity, increased inclusiveness, and greater consumer choice. 

These factors provide SMEs, and, to a greater extent, Landlocked Developing Countries (LDCs), with easier access to untapped markets.




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Partnership with MADI can help enhance your professional profile, develop your business network and build your company’s profile. With your partnership, together we will transform Africa’s Minerals Sector.



An African-led transparent, strong, responsible, and sustainable Africa’s mineral resources sector that creates wealth and opportunity for all Africans.


Supporting responsible and sustainable development of Africa’s mineral resources.

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