Business Ethics Network Of Africa

BEN-Africa is a non-profit, public benefit organisation with a mandate and mission to strengthen the commitment and competence of Africans to do business with moral integrity by facilitating interaction between academics and practitioners who share an interest in business ethics.

BEN-Africa is headquartered in Stellenbosch, South Africa and the organization’s web address is:

With the MOU signed, BEN-Africa and MADI will establish and strengthen relationship and cooperation in the following areas:

  • Mutual recognition through Information exchange and advertising on organizations and their own or joint events on websites, newsletters, conferences, etc.
  • Publishing in each other’s newsletters, articles of common interest as agreed freely and free of charge;
  • Exchanging publicly available knowledge resource materials that are made available free of charge by the respective parties, provided that the Parties understand that this does not apply to any knowledge resources that either Party only makes available to its members or that ls sold to its members or the general public;
  • Collaborating in projects and events of mutual interest, such as research projects’ data collection’ conferences, business forums and seminars;
  • Any other areas of interest for both parties.