Dr. Jacqui Coombes

Dr. Jacqui Coombes



Jacqui Coombes is the Executive Director of SageAbility, a leading talent strategy organisation. She plays influential roles as the Chair of Mining3, Acting Chair of ICRAR, and is an integral member of Advisory Boards for MADI, StartUpWA, and State of Play. As the former MD & CEO of Amira Global, Jacqui has a distinguished record of leadership and governance.

Anchored in her roots as a Statistician/Mathematician, Jacqui stands out as a world-renowned Geostatistician with expansive expertise across the mine value chain, various commodities, and global territories. Her academic accolades include a PhD in frameworks for minerals industry competency development, a Masters in Commercial and Resources Law, and a Masters in Geostatistics. She’s also the author of seminal works such as “The Art and Science of Resource Estimation” and “I’d Like to be OK with MIK, UC?”.

More than just a strategic advisor and thought leader, Jacqui is a bridge between science, governance, and finance, synthesizing these disciplines to create actionable strategies in the global minerals industry. Her commitment to challenging traditional paradigms and pioneering innovation is evident in her transformative projects. Gifted in both quantitative and qualitative data analysis, Jacqui ensures decisions are both grounded in data and financially sound.

A staunch advocate for multidisciplinary collaboration, Jacqui weaves together insights from industry, government, and academia. She fervently believes in the power of converging science, governance, and financial acumen to catalyse growth and innovation. Her passion extends to building organizational resilience, mentoring individual talent, and seamlessly embedding forward-thinking ideas to drive value and operational excellence.