Mr. Survival Arineitwe


Head of Private Sector and Stakeholder Engagement


Mr. Survival Arineitwe, a 21-year-old male Ugandan by birth and African by Pride, a continent endowed with inconceivable mineral resources. I have been a leader to my people dating back from nursery to date. I have been fortunate to wear many huts for my age along my life`s journey. These have been in the fields of business, leadership, public administration and health to mention but a few. As an enthusiastic lover of learning, I have been blessed to meet mentors, become a mentor myself and muscle up my knowledge too. As a critique, I often love challenging the status quo in terms of what society has branded or hash tagged correctly or incorrectly. To this end, the mineral resource sector has fallen victim. Minerals Africa Development (MADI) Institution has generously given me a platform to do due justice to this sector with the help of the brilliant team. Along my life`s ventures, I have served in but not limited to the following positions 1) Head prefect Ntare School (2017-2018) 2) President of all Presidents of clubs in Ntare School (2017-2018) 3) President Uganda National Secondary Schools Association (USSPA_ 2018- 2019) 4) Head of Finance Victorious Preparatory School (2018- 2019), representing the Managing Director. 5) Hon Speaker of the International University of East Africa Guild (2021- 2022) 6) Regional Coordinator for Health and Wellness Saving Earth Africa (2020- till date) 7) Chief Financial Officer iElevate Africa (2020- till date) 8) CEO/ Co-founder Gidoti Medical Centre (Opened in 2020) 9) CEO/ Co-founder Gidhoti Medical Logistics Company Limited (opened in 2021) 10) Head of Private Sector Engagements at Minerals Africa Development Institution. (2022- till date) I have been able to collect some few awards along the way for some of the outstanding services rendered. Among those but not limited to include: 1) Club member of the year Ntare School (2015). An award given to the most outstanding non-leader in school for the work well done in clubs in school. 2) Outstanding student leader of the year (2018- 2019) 3) 3rd best public speaker in East Africa and 2nd best speaker in Uganda all awarded from Rwanda (2018) 4) Cricket player of the year in Ntare school (2018)