Madi at Indaba

PanAfGeo 2 Special Session – A Stronger Africa – EU Geo-Scientific Cooperation Program

9th May  – Keynote Speaker a the PanAfGeo 2 Special Session at the Table Bay Hotel: The Executive Chairman who is also a Member of PanAfGeo Advisory Board was among the keynote speakers at the PanAfGeo -2 Special Session. The emphasis of the speech was that Minerals are borderless and Africa must unite in order to benefit from the wealth of mineral resources.

Minerals Africa Development Institution (MADI) in partnership with the Calestous Juma Legacy Foundation (CJLF) is proud to announce the winners of the recent inaugural Prof. Calestous Juma Essay Competition which was concluded early this year. We are proud to announce the following outstanding essays as the winners respectively:

PanAfGeo 2 Special Session – A Stronger Africa – EU Geo-Scientific Cooperation Program

During the meeting, the Executive Chairman held discussions with Ms Carol Zammit the AfricaMaVal BRGM Project Manager about the implementation of the AfricaMaVal. MADI is a member of the Consortium that will be implementing the project.

Intergovernmental Forum on Mining (IGF)

MADI was invited to attend two Breakfast Side Event sessions organised by IGF –Women and the Mine of the Future and New Mining Technologies and the Future of Work.

10th May – MADI attended the IGF Breakfast Meeting on the Women and the Mine of the Future.  Discussed with IGF how to partner in assisting women in mining especially since our CEO is AWIMA Board member representing Eastern African Region.

Tour of the Exhibition Hall

10th May- Visited the PanAfgeo booth and discusses with Ms Veronika Stedra, CGS Leaders of the WPA Courses in English and Portuguese and agreed that MADI should assist the team in promoting the programme among African Countries. Most countries in Africa did not benefit from PanAfGeo 1 so there should be a deliberate effort to promote the second phase.

Alternative Mining Indaba (AMI)

Executive Chairman was invited to speak as a Panellist at the AMI.

The Alternative Mining Indaba (AMI) is a global platform that brings all stakeholders together annually for a conference that debates, discusses various issues as well as serves as an empowerment tool through training of communities. The AMI convenes an annual conference in Cape Town every February, which is a culmination of decentralised national processes that take place in more than 12 African countries.

10th 11 May – Attended and was a Panellist for a breakaway session at the Alternative Mining Indaba that was taking place at the Doubletree Hotel. Met MADIs Board member for Northern Region, Dr Asfour Amaney who is also the President of the African Business Council and held discussions on collaboration with her work. We agreed that an MoU between MADI and ABC should be signed during the Business meetings that will be held in Cairo in October jointly organised by MADI and ABC.

Meeting with the Mr. Eddy Segal and Mr. Jonathan Lynch of ASTERRA.

ASTERRA is a water detecting innovative technology that uses satellite to detect water leakages underground. The core technology on which ASTERRA is based was first applied in the search for underground water on Mars and other planets. Lauren Guy, the geophysicist and entrepreneur who developed the approach, quickly recognized that if it could work so far away, it could be even more effective here on Earth. ASTERRA as firt launched as Utilis in 2013 but changed its name to ASTERRA in 2016 an in the same year, leak detection in underground water systems became the first commercially used application. From an orbiting satellite, a band of the radio spectrum penetrated the Earth’s surface; and an algorithm, fine-tuned to detect treated drinking water, revealed underground leaks as small as 0.5 liters per minute.

ASTERRA is seeking collaboration with MADI to promte the technology in Africa. MADI is seeking to become the Sole Agent for ASTERRA Technology in Africa so that the same technology is applied by Mining Companies while planning their underground minng activities as well as Infrastructure Planning by Governments.

11th and 12th May

The Executive Chairman held meetings with Mr. Eddy Segal and Mr. Jonathan Lynch of ASTERRA to discuss and conclude the Collaboration Agreement through a memorandum of Understanding.

Meeting with AUDA – NEPAD Industrialisation Team and African Legal Support facility (ALSF)

AUDA-NEPAD Industrialisation Team that is looking at the contribution of minerals to the industrialisation Agenda. The AUDA Nepad Team has been discussing with AUC and MADI on how minerals can contribute to industrialisation. During the Indaba, the AUDA NEPAD held discussions with Executive Chairman (MADI) and African legal Support Facility (ALSF)Team, a meeting that was organised by MADI to discuss the possible collaboration.  We have agreed to work on at least two activities this year with funding from AUDA-NEPAD and other partners. A concept note is being prepared by AUDA-NEPAD

Meeting with the Minister of Mining for the Republic of South Sudan Hon. Martin Gama Abucha and his Team

A meeting was coordinated by MADI;s partner Mr. John Yohhanes Magok Executive Director of Nile Youth for Development Actions (NYDA).

12th May. Executive Chairman held a meeting with Hon. Martin Abuche and his Team about collaboration between MADI and South Sudan. A number of areas were discussed especially how South Sudan can benefit from the programmes being implemented by AUC and MADI such as PanAfGeo and AfricaMAVal.  Among the team was Dr. Andu Ezbon Adde who is the undersecretary for the Ministry of Mining. There will be potential collaboration with South Sudan.

Meeting with Members of the African Gold Council

Efforts are being to establish and African Gold Council and the Executive Chairman had a brief meeting with the Ms Nere Teriba and Nicole Smith from Nigeria and South Africa respectively. MADI will be following up especially as MADI is also in the process of establishing an African Association of Precious Minerals and Metals.

Other meetings

The Executive Chairman held meeting with the Mr. Mooya B.C. Lumamba – Director of Mines, Ministry of Mines and Mineral Development, Republic of Zambia and Dir. Joseph C.N. Mkandawire Secretary for Mining, Ministry of Mining, Republic of Malawi to discuss the potential areas of collaboration

Here with Dr. Mkandawire and MADI Board Members.